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Casino Empire in your pocket — Grand Casino Tycoon

Everyone at least once imagined themselves in the role of a successful businessman with a wad of money in one hand and a fancy phone in the other. And yet, it’s one thing of fantasy, but reality is quite another, because not everyone is destined to become the head of a profitable company. However, don’t be upset, because there are many ways to test your strength as a manager and you don’t even have to leave home.

Grand Casino Tycoon is a great opportunity to plunge into the world of excitement and big money. Users will be able to become the owner of a casino in Las Vegas and go through all stages of developing their gambling business. From a small semi-abandoned building to the most famous and successful empire. To bring their casino to consistently high income, managers will have to develop a strategy to manipulate visitors, forcing them to leave as much money as possible on slot machines and roulette. However, first it is necessary to provide players with all the conditions necessary for their comfortable stay within the walls of the casino. You will have to invest as much as possible so that the business can pay off .

The magic of excitement

Users are faced with a difficult task — to promote a, having at their disposal only a small platform on which a gambling house is located. Everything is complicated by the limited supply of finances, which urgently needs to be increased through investments from gambling enthusiasts. However, the place reserved for the casino is located in a terrible ghetto, where the visitors are poor workers and alcoholics who come not just to squander their last money, but also to cause a scandal. In order to reach the big players, you will have to tolerate such lumpen people for some time.

From the very beginning, users need to build an exchange office and install the cheapest slot machines, which are practically no different from each other. The same trend is observed with card games. As the casino develops, it becomes obvious that design elements fade into the background, as does the personnel and financial management system. Yes, the developers have added the ability for players to independently choose the style of the casino, repaint the walls, floors or hang decorative decorations, but as soon as it comes to installing general-purpose items — one-armed bandits or poker tables, they have to face primitivism again. The hope for the appearance of more diverse gambling machines appears only at the end of the game. Upon reaching a certain level of casino development, modernization of existing machines and poker tables becomes available to users. In this case, only their appearance changes, but the functional meaning remains the same.

The lack of variety and a limited range of construction and gaming objects may scare away fans of economic simulators. After all, the money earned from gambling activities has practically nothing to spend on. Since the main focus is on casino visitors, the gameplay quickly becomes monotonous. Yes, at first it’s interesting to watch how the gambling empire expands and grows, but the constant race to satisfy the needs of visitors limits the creativity of users and can quickly get boring.

Casino Empire in your pocket - Grand Casino Tycoon

The visitor is always right

This rule runs through the entire gameplay; the needs of casino visitors are always put first, while the desires of the user themselves are practically not taken into account. It is necessary to constantly monitor the needs of those who want to leave their money in a gambling house, otherwise visitors will leave and the business will be on the verge of bankruptcy. Visitors can be very moody and irritating, and dissatisfaction can be caused by the most minor problems, for example, the music is too quiet, there are no speakers, or there are not enough snack machines, restrooms, or seating areas. However, as soon as all desires are satisfied, the main work on the casino ends and users will have to open a new business, starting the entire process of business development all over again.

This feature may cause dissatisfaction among gamers who wanted to add more items to their casino or attract new visitors. In addition, the location of the casino determines the presence of one or another gambling facility, that is, users do not have the opportunity to arrange the casino to their liking. Also, visitors like only one type of food, drinks and gambling entertainment, therefore, the user is limited in his choice, because when designing a casino, one has to constantly build on the client’s desires.

The game differs from the traditional genre of economic tycoon simulator in its rigor and set of specific rules. Users do not have the opportunity to choose the sandbox mode and build their own gambling empires; the only thing left is to move according to a predetermined scenario, completing secondary tasks that lead to the completion of the main story goal. This type of gameplay deprives users of the opportunity to use a creative approach to creating a gambling business, which reduces the reputation of the game in the eyes of gamers.

As for the methods by which users can receive millions in income from a gambling house, all of them are aimed only at manipulating casino visitors. The more clients who are willing to spend their hard-earned money, the higher the profit becomes. However, at the beginning you will have to give your best, since the first time in the game users will have practically no finances; the matter is aggravated by a system of fines, which can easily take away the last savings. This is especially evident in the behavior of visitors, for example, for the death of a player, the user will have to pay a considerable amount. And, if you consider that the health of clients is constantly deteriorating, then you can easily imagine how much losses can exceed income. Yes, to help dissatisfied gamers, the developers added first aid posts and ambulance stations, however, this does not change the situation. The orderlies, most often, arrive when the visitor is writhing in agony and his health bar is at zero.

As for the needs of clients, here the developers really tried and added a wide gallery of feelings and emotions of visitors. For example, happiness, hunger, thirst, which must be satisfied if you do not want to lose a potential client. Also, the strategy for the success of a gambling house is built on the system of needs. The more satisfied a person is, the more money he can leave in the casino. The game is nothing more than managing the target audience of a gambling establishment, since success will depend solely on the positive assessment of visitors.

Casino Empire in your pocket - Grand Casino Tycoon

The stakes are too high

There is a chance that it will still be possible to improve the gameplay, resolve problems with the treatment of visitors, the lack of vending machines and the same type of gambling entertainment. However, even in the best scenario, the casino may be attacked by robbers and, in this case, it is quite difficult to protect the accumulated savings. Even the security and cameras installed around the entire perimeter of the casino cannot help. Therefore, users will have to manually search for thieves and expel them from the establishment. Due to the extra responsibilities, the game can quickly become boring, because constantly calling an ambulance to visitors and identifying clients with evil intentions is boring. If the developers thought that such additional activities could interest gamers, then they were very mistaken. In fact, most reviews say that Grand Casino Tycoon is a simulator of a doctor or a security guard, but not as a casino owner. Due to the superficial presentation of the gambling tycoon theme, many users abandoned the game after just a couple of hours spent playing it. The project definitely lacks depth, variety and balance, which makes it a second-rate simulator without any unique elements.

The game every time offers to solve problems aimed at satisfying the needs and desires of visitors, but forgets about the users themselves, who quickly get tired of constantly monitoring the desires of clients. Repetitive goals and an emphasis on manipulating the gambling house audience kills any opportunity for gamers to express their creativity. It would seem that if the construction and visitor management mode is lame, then it is worth focusing on the economic component of the game. But here, too, the developers were unable to create conditions for users to comfortably complete the assigned gaming tasks. The economy seems unfinished, since gamers can buy any game items without much thought, because it is enough to install a drink machine, which casino visitors adore, and profits will double.

The only positives that the whole game has going for it are the art style and the music. They create the unique atmosphere of a gambling establishment, forcing users to spend more than one hour in the game. Indeed, slots or poker tables look unusual, and if you get tired of their appearance, you can modernize the equipment, after which the design of the machines changes. As for the music, gamers will hear typical casino sounds — the clatter of chips, the rustle of playing cards, the conversations of visitors and the clink of coins that fall out when a successful bet is made at One-Armed Joe. Music is not just a background in this game, but a real decoration that allows you to make the casino more lively. However, all the positive aspects are completely relegated to the background due to the restrictions imposed on the user.

Many gamers, accustomed to the classic interpretation of the economic and construction simulator genre, were never able to test their strength as a casino manager. For connoisseurs of the original version about the creation and promotion of a casino. We can only hope that the developers will take into account the dissatisfaction of users and will be able to release a game update with the defects already corrected.

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